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Direct Mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces of the same size card. You may provide your own list of addresses from your Sphere, or a list of addresses around a new listing for a “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” mailing.  Upload your own mailing list to use with your postcards, and we’ll eliminate duplicates and CASS certify them. You save on postage and printing because of the extra steps we take to make sure your addresses are deliverable and unique.  All provided address lists must be in an Excel document (.xls or .csv) and include separate columns with the following information:  Name | Address | City | State | Zip Code.

All pricing is based on Bulk Mail rates. Bulk mail can take 7-10 days to be delivered by the post office and is not recommended for “date specific” events like an Open House. It is perfect, however, for neighborhood farming, Just Listed and Just Sold notifications, or brand awareness campaigns.  If you would like your mailings to go First Class, just let us know!

The choice is yours.

We print and mail postcards for our customers several times a week. However, sometimes you may not need our mailing services.  You have options:

  1. We can print and mail your order directly to your list. When we do this, you will always receive a hard sample of the card mailed to the shipping address you have given us.
  2. We can print and address your order and ship to you for mailing.
  3. We can print your order and ship to you, if you’d like to address and mail yourself, or use as handouts.

Once the cards are mailed, it is out of our hands. MS Marketing is not responsible for lost or delayed mailings, or any other failure on the part of the US Postal Service.

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